Locating land to enable orphanages to grow their own food


Creating a cooperative agricultural enterprise program where orphanages and smallholders will soon sell their crops to a contracted manufacturer. 


Providing sewing machines to assist vocational programs teach employable skills

Capacity Development

Prototype communities of orphanages, which will combine the strengths of family-sized units and managed agricultural eco-villages, as was successfully done in Israeli cooperatives in the past.

your donation could be used to

  • Drill a borehole, to bring Clean Water to an orphanage and community.
  • Provide Seeds and Supplies, or livestock, so the residents can grow their own food and achieve Food Security.
  • Buy craft equipment and supplies to enable those who can, to create small business enterprises to help themselves.
  • Help build a school.
  • Help build a dormitory.
  • Help build an Infirmary.
  • Help start a sports team.
  • Help start a talent club.