Our VISION is to Educate, Professionalize and Empower small orphanages, in order to enable them to improve their self-sufficiency through vocational skills, agriculture and technologies, so as to enable them to assume their rightful place in a Care System that meets the needs of Africa’s needy children, widows, disabled and elderly persons.

Alliance for Africa’s Orphanages, herein known as (AFAO), is a State of Florida, USA, non-profit organization.  EIN #282-3569089.It was founded by, and with the committed support of, Arlene Wills Allen to improve the care of needy children so as to optimize and empower all small orphanages, to enable them to become more sustainable

AFAO looks at holistic transformation of the child in terms of wellbeing through appropriate interventions at community and Governmental point by looking at ways to tackle the key challenges of raising orphans in poor communities facing shortages that render children desperate and more vulnerable to inhumane conditions.