alliance for africas

Poverty should NOT
be a Life Sentence!

Child Care

Providing sewing machines to assist vocational programs teach employable skills.

Food Security

Establishing a Training program, to help orphanages in the food security projects

Health & Education

Locating land to enable orphanages to grow their own food

About us

We are Facilitators and we are Capacity Builders.  We are not a charity! We will provide assistance to help needy orphanages and schools locate funders, when possible.

Our Mission is to Educate, Professionalize and Empower needy orphanages and schools in rural areas in Africa (so far, in Kenya and Uganda but, more Country Partners to come) to change the current situation and prove that orphanages have the capacity to be acceptable, and sometimes superior alternatives, where children can thrive. 

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We find and share appropriate and relevant resources among ourselves and mentor each other.  We forge partnerships with: NGOs, Foundations, Governments, Corporations, Academic Institutions, Charitable Organizations and Individual Donors to create new outcomes and solutions, new projects, creative opportunities and how we can help you.