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The Unique Needs of Orphans

AFAO believes that decisions that seal the fate of a vulnerable orphan, should be child-centered, and made on a case-by-case basis . Often, the policy is to impose declarations whereby kin is ordered to raise the children of their relatives, despite the fact that they do not have the means...

Children Laws

All too often, without adequate Child Protection Laws, communities and kin add to the trauma by stigmatizing the children and robbing them of their land rights.  Feeling no compunction, the children suffer other forms of exploitation, including slave labor and physical and sexual abuses.

When Parents Die, Orphaned Children Lose All Protection

Benefit of financial support and parental oversight, orphaned children are often left to their own devices, particularly in rural areas and slums, where kin relatives are often too poor to provide even basic supports.

Orphans Story

There is no one perfect solution that will serve all the problems that orphans have to live with.  There are inferior orphanages and there are abusive relatives.  Some foster parents have other priorities, for example.  Each situation must be handled in a case-by-case manner.  The point is: This is not...


1. We find and share appropriate and relevant resources and forge partnerships with: NGOs, Foundations, Governments, Corporations, Academic Institutions, Charitable Organizations and Individual Donors to create new outcomes and solutions.
2. We share information and news regarding: available grants, meetings as well as current research on topics ranging from: Sustainability, Capacity Building, Efficiency, Financial Accountability, Education, Health, Enterprise and a host of other topics that will add to their professionalization and their ability to serve their children.
3. We initiate online: meetings, discussions, skill building opportunities and special events to develop group cohesiveness and organizational capabilities.

A child’s touch

What you can do

If we are truly serious about reducing inequality; it’s the duty of all of us to insist that decision makers reach out to the troublesome “Invisible Elephants in the Room,” especially the ones no one wants to see; the orphanages and OVCs that are located in rural areas and slums. Due to their location and history of neglect, other capacity differences must be taken into account, including the paucity of provided resources. Without adequate infrastructure, there is no way to build an economy. Without any real economy, there is little chance to overcome poverty. To then expect orphanages and schools in rural areas and slums to pay the same fees for services as those who live in affluent areas and enjoy provided resources, is an abuse of power. It is the collective responsibility of Society to fulfill the SDG Goals that impact ALL children, regardless of  their location and income.

AFAO hopes you will join us as we lead some of the neediest and underfunded childcare facilities in Africa to help them find their way to becoming educated, professionalized and empowered. Together, we can help the next generation of orphans and orphanages reach a better future.


Geodesik Dome Project

AFAO’s long-term solution for the reality of growing numbers of orphaned children is to implement prototype villages of #NEXTGENERATIONORPHANAGES that are: child-centered, family-oriented, sustainable, ecologically sensitive and technologically advanced. This will require the coordinated efforts of Visionary Planners and coordinated Funding Solutions. We welcome your input.

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The 68th United Nations Civil Society Conference

The 68th United Nations Civil Society Conference BUILDING INCLUSIVE AND SUSTAINABLE CITIES AND COMMUNITIES 26 - 28 August 2019 Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

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United Nations Conference on Civil Society

The 68th United Nations Conference on Civil Society was the first conference ever held outside of New York City. The young people were placed front and center. Every effort is being made provide opportunities for young people to become the leaders for Africa’s future. We support all initiatives that lead to their success.


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