We facilitate and help in the registration of suitable orphanages in each country, adhering to proper standards of care as required and authorized by each country regulations by instituting training programs

 (1) Facilitating the bringing together and the registration of suitable Orphanages in each country;

(2) Helping orphanages adhere to proper standards of care, as authorized by each country’s relevant regulations by instituting training programs for orphanages to increase their knowledge regarding latest advances in child care, the care of disabled persons and the elderly plus, information on how national regulations, laws, policies and guidelines affect them in areas  including Child Protection and Child Rights;

(3) Bringing together all the operatives involved: orphanages, governmental and non-governmental agencies, ministries, etc., in educational and supportive programs that will improve outcomes for the vulnerable populations being served, including: social and protective

services, health and nutritional support programs, access to lifelong education and employment programs, and programs that introduce latest knowledge about technologies to facilitate orphanage sustainability;

 (4)Creating an awareness of the real needs of orphanages as a distinct subset to be be integrated into all governmental planning activities that will impact them, by actively participating in: educational conferences, conventions, congresses, etc.

Minimize the need for alternative care programs Orphanages will prioritize the need to trace family members and attempt to reunify families that have become separated.  At this point, the orphanage will have to explore, and impartially determine, whether that particular family-based option (kinship) is actually in the best interest of a child.  If it is determined that the kinship option is viable, then the

Orphanage will encourage the use of counseling to the prospective family unit to help integrate the child successfully.

However, on other occasions, when there are no other viable options, the orphanage will deem it preferable to retain the child.

Alliance for Africa’s Orphanages promotes Orphanages sustainability through enterprise development, efficiency, effectiveness and accountability through training. Our options involve developing enterprises from which constant streams of funds can be obtained, support infrastructure, able personnel optimized through training to ensure proper accountability and efficient management. Our Fundraising mobilizes to fund enterprises for these institutions and provide training to its staff. Our primary targets are orphanages, OVC Programs, community and schools with secondary targets

  • Child Education  

Orphaned Children do not determine the socio-economic status they find themselves in and in which they were born and left. Those born poor in poverty have a higher chance of being trapped in the poverty cycle if they are not equipped with the skills to exist this cycle. As such child education becomes a necessary condition for children born in low income households to exit the poverty cycle making our appeals for children education support a big step to leverage the future of orphaned children.

o          HEALTH

Health Information is Key to a healthy society, sadly major deaths in Africa can be prevented by adequate dissemination of health information, availing clean and safe water and providing medical aid. AFAO dissemination of health information is to get everyone involved; caring most about health of others and in particular the health of Orphaned children, the elderly .we accommodate and optimize caring people to save lives that would otherwise be lost due to lack of information and health supplies.