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The Alliance for Africa’s Orphanages, Inc., (AFAO) was established in October 2017 in the State of Florida in the US as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, to act as Capacity Developers for needy orphanages in Africa.

We believe that the current negative condition of many institutional orphanages is the result of decades of underfunding and neglect and that this can be changed.  Our goal is to prove that good orphanages are an overlooked childcare resource.  OUR Mission is to Educate, Professionalize and Empower needy orphanages and schools in rural areas in Africa (so far, in Kenya and Uganda but, more Country Partners to come) to change the current situation and prove that orphanages have the capacity to be acceptable, and sometimes superior alternatives, where children can thrive.

In order to bring about this attitude change, we create awareness of the real needs of orphanages, as a distinct subset of the general population.  These residents in orphanages have exceptional needs: they are impoverished and they are traumatized.  AFAO will insure that they will no longer be ignored like “invisible elephants” in the room.   Our duty is to do what it is necessary to insure that orphanages are integrated into any and all governmental planning and funding procedures that will impact them.

Arlene Wills Allen-Founder & President -AFAO (Alliance for Africas Orphanages)

We are Facilitators and we are Capacity Builders.   WE ARE NOT A CHARITY!   (We will provide assistance to help needy orphanages and schools locate funders, when possible) but, OUR goal is the Diffusion of Ideas and Technologies to improve lives and opportunities.

Poverty should NOT be a Life Sentence!   We believe that all citizens, including those that live in orphanages (needy and orphanedchildren, widows, anyone with a disability and elderly persons) deserve the same opportunity to develop and prosper as those who have had the good fortune to have a good family and live in a city or wealthier community.

We bring together all the operatives involved: orphanages, governmental and
non-governmental agencies, ministries

We recognize the priority to reunite families that have become separated. However, as professional Orphanages, we will impartially determine whether each individual family-based (kinship) option is actually in the best interest of each child, on a case-by-case basis. If it is determined that the kinship option is viable, then the Orphanage will encourage the use of counseling to the prospective family unit to help integrate the child. Alternatively, when there are no realistic options at hand, the orphanage will recommend that the child be retained by his/her acting orphanage “family.”

1.Bring together and facilitate the registration of   verifiable orphanages in each country;

2.  Help orphanages adhere to proper standards of care, as   authorized by each country’s relevant regulations by   instituting training programs for orphanages to increase   their knowledge and skills regarding

3.Promote latest advances in caring for children, disabled   persons and the elderly

4.Educate providers on how National regulations, laws    and policies effect orphanages in areas including: Child   Protection and Child Rights

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