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about afao

Who is AFAO

The Alliance for Africa’s Orphanages, Inc. (AFAO) was established in October 2017 in the State of Florida in the US as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, to act as Capacity Developers for needy orphanages in Africa, and as an Umbrella organization for Country Partners-Kenya and Uganda, where needy orphanages have been invited to join together as Civil Society Actors to empower themselves.
We are facilitators, capacity builders providing assistance to needy orphanages and schools. Our goal is the diffusion of ideas and technologies to improve lives and opportunities. 

Our Vision

AFAO Vision is to optimize and empower all small orphanages, to enable them to become more sustainable and better able to meet the needs of Africa’s needy children, widows, disabled and elderly persons, until their need is no more.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to Educate, Professionalize and Empower needy orphanages,OVCs and schools in rural areas in Africa to change the current situation and prove that orphanages have the capacity to be acceptable, and sometimes superior alternatives, where children can thrive.

How Can You Help?

No matter what you do, you will be rewarded by knowing you helped a child who could not do without you live better life because you were there and you cared.  

You can help us in many ways;

(1) Writing grant proposals
 (2) Organizing fundraising events
 (3) Coordinating on-ground initiatives
(4) Serving as a subject-matter expert for our Layman Training Program
(5) Representing orphanages at public planning and funding meetings, educational conferences, conventions, congresses, etc.
 (6) Educating the public about the orphanage situation.  We find and share appropriate and relevant resources and forge partnerships with: NGOs, Foundations, Governments, Corporations, Academic Institutions, Charitable Organizations and Individual Donors to create new outcomes and solutions.

Your Donation could be used to:

  • Drill a borehole, to bring Clean Water to an orphanage and community

  • Provide Seeds and Supplies

  • Livestock, so the residents can grow their own food and achieve Food Security

  • Buy craft equipment and supplies to enable those who can, to create small business enterprises to help themselves

  • Help build a school

  • Help build a dormitory

  • Help build an Infirmary

  • Help start a sports team

  • Help start a talent club

afao_child food

Child Care

Ensure that the child is cared for appropriately and that the care is in his/her best interest. Support informal alternative care placements, monitoring and follow-up. Promote quality Care and protection of children.






Children born in low income households to exit the poverty cycle making our appeals for children education support a big step to leverage the future of orphaned children.







AFAO dissemination of health information is to get everyone involved; caring most about health of others and in particular the health of Orphaned children.





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We Collect Fund Around the world

We are facilitators, capacity builders providing assistance to needy orphanages and schools. Our goal is the diffusion of ideas and technologies to improve lives and opportunities. 

Poverty should NOT be a Life Sentence!   We believe that all citizens, including those that live in orphanages (needy and orphaned children, widows, anyone with a disability and elderly persons) deserve the same opportunity to develop and prosper as those who have had the good fortune to have a good family and live in a city or wealthier community.







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