Poverty should NOT be a Life Sentence!   We believe that all citizens, including those that live in orphanages (needy and orphaned children, widows, anyone with a disability and elderly persons) deserve the same opportunity to develop and prosper as those who have had the good fortune to have a good family and live in a city or wealthier community. Below are the programs and projects that have impact

  1. The sunflower collective initiative
  2. COVID-19 Education Training initiative
  3. Medical Samaritans initiative
  4. Youth Enterprise initiative
  5. Nurses Empowerment initiative
  6. Child Protection initiative
  7. Medical TB testing Facility initiative
  8. Visiting Nurses initiative
  9. Food Emergency initiative
  10. Food Growing initiative
  11. HIV/AIDS Children Support
  12. Girls and Women empowerment
  13. Slums rescue Kenya
  14. Sustainable Agriculture initiative
  15. Elderly and Disable initiative
  16. Fundraising initiative
  17. Sustainable Livestock Rearing initiative
  18. Transformative Action initiative
  19. Emergency Food Coordinators initiative
  20. OVC Leadership Center
  21. Basic Needs Support
  22. Renewable Energy & Technology initiative
  23. From Street initiative