Working In Various Fields

Interventions need to focus on improving the child’s circumstances in addition to addressing the behavioral or health a child

Nutritious Food

Filtered Drinking Wate



We work to provide psycho-social support services for children and their families. Support families and community to be able to care for their children through empowerment programs


Through arrangement of consultation, some Orphaned and vulnerable children programs and orphanages shall act to reunify lost or abandoned children separated with their parents.

Family Planning

Our planning programs strengthen the capacities of families taking care of vulnerable children, separated children and children at risk


Trace, re-integrate and provide after care services to children in need of care and protection by working with the government to generate viable option of care; monitoring and follow-up

Medical Facilities

AFAO dissemination of health information is to get everyone involved; caring most about health of others and in particular the health of Orphaned children, the elderly

Innovation For Children

Children born in low income households to exit the poverty cycle making our appeals for children education support a big step to leverage the future of orphaned children.

Help Us Providing Them Their Basics!

You can decide to buy a gift or do sponsership in this fields or areas. You can give, volunteer with us or save a child

School Material​

Nutritious Meals​

Healthy Environment​

Personality Development​

Emergency and disaster preparedness

Agriculture and livestock